Latest Functionalities In Dynamics NAV 2015

Posted on 23 of April, 2015 by in Software

Here is a simple list of some of the latest functionalities of Dynamics NAV that was released in September 2014. You can find it also at

1) Simplified User Experience.

Some of the things that have been simplified are

* New role centre made for small business

* Simplification of more than 60 pages.

* Some fields are auto-filled.

* Mandatory files are marked.

2) Office 365 integration

* Some documents can be sent directly from the page as an email.

* Single sign-on setup.

3) Reports in NAV 2015

* Creating and managing report layouts.

* New document reports

* Scheduling reports

* Word report layouts

4) Expressive tiles on Role Centre

5) NAV tablet client

6) Financial Related

* Bank data conversion

* Data exchange framework

* Bank statement import.

* Improvements for payment export

* Simplified payment reconciliation

7) Special features for developers.

To add to all this, one can map the existing ERP system values onto NAV, and a data clean up can be done during import.

A New Variety Of Hydraulic Valve Is Being Released Regularly

Posted on 23 of April, 2015 by in Valve

There are so many types of hydraulic systems around us. Each type of system needs a specific type of hydraulic valve too. With new systems cropping up, there is a new type of valve being invented too to go along with the system. However, the basic types of valves are:

    • Flow control valves: These valves are further classified as throttle valves and control valves.
    • Pressure control valves: They are further classified as variable throttle and fixed throttle valves. The variable throttle valve is used for controlling fluids, whereas the fixed throttle valves are used for switching fluids.
    • Direction control valves: Check valves, directional poppet valve and directional spool valves are all types of direction control valves.
    • Electrohydraulic valves: They are further classified as servo hydraulic valves and proportional hydraulic valves. Trident Hydraulics is the specialist in Electrohydraulic valves.

As the name suggests each valve performs specific functions, such as controlling the flow, pressure and direction of the fluid.

The Big Ride With A Limo Service In Tampa

Posted on 23 of April, 2015 by in Limo

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There Is A Splurge in Job Postings For The Graduate Students In Alabama

Posted on 22 of April, 2015 by in Job

The recent past has seen an exorbitant rise in the employment opportunities for the fresh university graduates. Amongst the other states in US of A, Alabama has seen a splurge in the opportunities for the fresher. The center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University had reported that more than 20,000 job postings were done for the college graduates. The report further stated that this would resurge the economy and would reduce the state of unemployment. This study was conducted after research and survey of the online employment opportunities. Workopolis Canada are like the one-stop search for any jobs with an excellent visual display and mobile friendly engines.